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Here at KetBanVN.com (Find love, Find friends, Find a life partner, Find a girlfriend, Looking for boyfriends, Looking for a boyfriend to get married, Make friends), we take great pride in matching our members. Everyday matches are being made and members are falling in love.
Below are some of the members who found love at KetBanVN.com.

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Joining the KetBanVN community is absolutely free. After completing our Register/Login, you’ll be able to review any matches within the Match Preferences you specify. As a Member, you can view profile information about your matches at no charge.

Welcome to KetBanVN! At this time KetBanVN, we offer only FREE  subscriptions for now. 

  • BASIC Level is FREE for 1/year.
  • STANDARD Level is FREE.
  • PREMIUM Level is FREE.
  • VIP Level is FREE.

At this time KetBanVN no longer offers gift subscriptions for purchase.


We’re sorry to hear that you are looking to delete your profile and leave KetBanVN.

Log into your account

  • Click on this link “Cancel My Account“.
  • Fill out the form and “Submit”.
  • Your account will be “Deleted” after 24/hours.

Your profile photos are an essential part of having a successful experience on KetBanVN and members who post photos are far more likely to get messages than those who don’t.

  • File format: All photos must be in the .jpg format.
  • Profile Size: 500px X 500px.
  • Cover Image Size: 1200px X 500px.
  • Content: Photos must be of you only. Friends and family are great, but we want your matches to see clearly who you are.

Your profile is a very important part of your information for
your feature partner, please take moment to fill out the form.

  • Click on “Profile”.
  • Click on “Edit” go from there.


Yes, on KetBanVN you can communication with any member on your profile.


We’re here to help! Get in touch with our support team by clicking the button at the bottom of this article.

Our Customer Care team is available 24/7. We’ll reply to most contacts within hours, but the most it will take to get back to you is 24 hours.

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Have you found someone on KETBANVN? We’d love to hear all about it. Whether you’re dating or even engaged or married, let us know the details by clicking on this link “My Success Story” to submit the form.

Congratulations, and we are look forward to your success story, and Thank You!



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Life is just too short to accept relationships that don’t meet your requirements and expectations.

KetBanVN.com allows participants to discover relationships that align with their private desires and dreams.

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